<strong>How Does it Feel after Smoking a Sativa Strain?</strong>

How Does it Feel after Smoking a Sativa Strain?

Smoking a cannabis sativa strain affects every person differently. Doing so alters the senses, so it should not be taken lightly. If have heard of people feeling “high,” it can get confusing if you have not experienced it yourself. The active ingredient in cannabis is THC which gives the high feeling as it enters the bloodstream through the lungs. Also, note that you may not get high the first time or first few times after smoking weed.

So what it is like to be high? There really is no straight answer. It varies from person to person, depending on the type of cannabis, the dose, manner of ingestion and many others. Still, there are a few key characteristics of a cannabis high to be aware of, which should come in handy if it is your first time to try these buds.

What is the Ideal Sativa Strain High?

Every person has an ideal high, which will depend on the reason of getting high in the first place. For many people, the goal of smoking marijuana is to find some relief from anxiety or pain, especially if it is caused by a medical condition that causes discomfort. For others, meanwhile, it is to help with sleep or manage their appetite.

Basically, people aim to achieve specific physical and emotional sensations with cannabis so they can feel better. Some of the physical goals are increased hunger, relaxation, and sensitivity to light, touch, taste, smell and color. Emotional goals can include amusement, creativity and euphoria.

Because cannabis relies on THC to work, the physical and mental reactions tend to happen at the same time. Avoid getting too far into the emotional state by picking a strain with less THC. But, still, lots of factor come into play when it comes to strains which can influence the resulting high. In fact, your chances of getting the same kind of high more than once is actually quite low.

What Factors Affect a Sativa Strain High?

  • Dosage. Getting the right dose for your body is important. You also need to consider he appropriate ratioof THC to CBD so the cannabinoids can work together through the entourage effect.
  • Cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids in marijuana, along with the many other isolated in the plant. THCV, CBG, and CBN are just a few of the other cannabinoids that can influence your experience. THCV, for example, can decrease the negative side effects of THC.
  • Potency. This will depend on the amount present of a certain cannabinoid and how that cannabinoid is delivered. Cannabis with high THC levels is more potent and can give a very intense high.
  • Terpenes. Although there are no human studies on the role of terpenes in getting high, there is evidence of its anti-anxiety effects. Pinene, a terpene common in marijuana, shows promise as a treatment for schizophrenia.
  • Weed strain. Consumers have numerous weed strains to choose from, with some of them famous for certain effects. The OG Kush, for example, is a long-time favorite for its euphoric and heady high. Another one is the Jack Herer, which is reported to help consumers focus and be productive.
  • Tolerance.Your personal tolerance is perhaps the most critical component on the kind of high you will get. If you are new to marijuana, assume that your tolerance level is low, so start with less potent strain at lower dosages.

Sativa strains – and cannabis in general – produce different effects for everyone. The key to finding the right product for you is to cautiously experiment. Start with a low dose and observe how various strains, cannabinoids and consumption methods make you feel. Be familiar with your tolerance and the world of cannabis will be open for you to further explore.

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