5 Myths About Weed: Busted Now

5 Myths About Weed: Busted Now

If you are looking for a relaxing evening at home, do you prefer alcohol or weed? People suffering from chronic pain usually have the choice between prescription painkillers and cannabis. But those in the marijuana community know this: ingesting, smoking or vaping weed is safer than getting drunk and less addicting than prescription medications. However, for the rest of the world, what do they think about pot?

Most of the time, stoners are portrayed as people who have no filter on their behavior, acting like complete weirdos. These people who have never had any cannabis encounter are usually left with the perpetuated messages fed to them by society, which are mostly negativity toward cannabis. The stigma around weed comes in many shapes and forms. You might have heard some of them even. Read on as we explore some of the most common weed myths and uncover why they are wrong.

Myths About Weed #1: It is a Gateway Drug

More than likely, this myth is perpetuated by those in authority to try to dissuade the young from getting high. But instead of leading you down a drug-filled road, cannabis use can actually help increase recovery times on those with addiction problems. In fact, treatment centers have started to introduce weed to people with opioid addiction as it gives the same high feeling without the damaging side effects.

Myths About Weed #2: It Can be Addicting

If you look at the concept of addiction, it relates to the physical and biological dependence of a person on a substance and their difficulty in trying to stop this particular behavior. With this definition, you can say that people can indeed become addiction with cannabis. However, a deep look reveals that instead of true addiction, a more fitting description would be cannabis use disorder. This is associated with differing severity levels based on every individual’s situation.

Myths About Weed #3: Potheads are Lazy

There is a prevalent misconception that smoking pot makes you just sit on the couch all day, watching TV and collection unemployment. As weed is becoming more accepted, more people have started to speak up about the many benefits of getting high. While some strains make you feel relaxed, there are others that motivate you and give a creative experience. Sativas, in particular, create feelings of energy and euphoria, encouraging users with depression and pain to get out of bed and actually go out.

Myths About Weed #4: Smoking It Kills Brain Cells

People who regularly smoke weed might have a space out attitude and usually forget things, but there is no direct link between marijuana use and memory loss or any other negative effects on the brain. Numerous studies have proven that those who consume marijuana on the regular show no drop in their IQ scores over time. Also, MRI scans demonstrate no difference between users and non-users.

Myths About Weed #5: Legalizing It Increases Crime

Because it has been thought off as a gateway drug, marijuana is heavily associated with usual drug activity, which usually includes violence and robberies. Some people believe that allowing weed to become more prevalent will increase criminal activity. This is simply not true, as crime reports have shown that legalizing marijuana actually reduced crime rates. After all, smoking cannabis calms us down and create feelings of euphoria, making you less likely to engage in violence.

As a society, we still have a long way to go before cannabis use is given the respect that it deserves all around the world. The good news, though, is that we are slowly seeing people accepting it, which is a big help in reducing the circulation of false information.

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