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Feelings/EffectsRelaxed, Happy, Euphoric,
FlavoursNutty, Vanilla, Sweet, Pungent
Medical: May help with Stress, Depression, Anxiety

Cookies & Cream and Triple OG  were crossed to create this hybrid that contains 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics.
The high THC level of 20-24% provides strong effects.  The harvest comes after 9 weeks of flowering and brings decent yields.

The odor is gassy, but sweet, with creamy hints of vanilla and orange citrus. Smoking or vaping Milk and Cookies turns the creamy flavor sour, leaving a peppery bite upon the exhale.

The thick and creamy smoke gives a slight tingle in the chest to signal the release of the hit. Almost immediately, some users feel the effect as tension is reportedly released from the temples, and cascades in pulses throughout the body. The sedative and numbing body buzz seems to affect the brain in much the same way, as users report a melting away of worry and stress. Whether it’s spasms and tightness in the body or migraines and mental stress, many reviewers say Milk and Cookies may help provide the relief being sought for various physical and mental ailments. The dominant terpene in Milk and Cookies is Myrcene, which is believed to help with feelings of sedation and stimulation of appetite.



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14G, 28G


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