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Feelings/Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Diesel
: May help with Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Let’s get one concern out of the way: no, this strain doesn’t smell or taste like poop. In fact, quite the opposite. The Unicorn Poop strain is said to give off citrusy, diesel notes thanks to its parents, GMO and Sophisticated Lady. As for the name, it’s a nod to the color and shine of the nugs. When grown well, Unicorn Poop is a beauty, with a very distinct layer of trichomes that makes it shine. And if the name doesn’t make you smile, the commonly reported giggly, euphoric effects certainly will.


Users of Unicorn Poop report that it offers a somewhat delayed high. It may take several minutes before smokers can pick up on its buzzy, head-focused effects. Once it settles in, this strain provides a substantial uplifting feeling. Users may feel chatty, social, and more thoughtful. You’ll feel happy and at ease. Unicorn Poop strain can also sharpen the senses, making sights or sounds seem more intense. A sense of physical relaxation creeps up as the high peaks — this body high may lend a psychedelic angle to users’ already-skewed perception and can cause anything from visual distortions to time dilation.

This strain is quite versatile because it affects both the brain and body, Unicorn Poop is a good pairing for activities that involve holistic functioning like yoga or dancing. It allows the user to feel present in the moment. Although it may not result in couchlock, some beginner users may end up feeling lazy or unmotivated after prolonged use. KS recommends this strain for an afternoon or nighttime use.

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