Pink Jet Fuel (AAAA) *Great Deal*



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Flavors: Diesel, Earth, Skunk, Pungent

Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed


Medical: Depression, Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches
t’s like Jet Fuel, but PINK!  Pink Jet Fuel is a beauty.  This stinky sativa-dominant hybrid is a result of crossing the well known diesel strain Aspen OG and the skunky High Country Diesel.  We use sativa-dominant very loosely in this case as it takes longer than is accustomed to feel any effects.  Be assured that you will feel it’s effects.  Uplifting, and energizing states are followed by a very mellow state of relaxation.  Pink Jet Fuel is quite the looker, she is filled to the brim with snowy trichomes.  The forest green nugs and orange hairs are a treat to look at too!  Expect a heavy diesel nose coupled with pungent earth.

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14G, 28G, 7G


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